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On This Day 14 October

Jimmy Page Jimmy Page.  Can't get me enough Jimmy Page.
2014 14 October On This Day Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page open edition released

  • 1966 The Yardbirds- Blowup scene filmed in London, England at Elstree Film Studios
  • 1967 The Yardbirds - Cocoa Beach, FL, Fisher Park & Melbourne, FL at unknown venue
  • 1988 Jimmy Page Outrider Tour - Kansas City, KS at Memorial Hall
  • 1994 Page & Plant - No Quarter released
  • 1999 Jimmy Page - The Black Crowes - New York,NY at Roseland Theater (day 3)
  • 2014 Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page, open edition released 

1994 14 October On This Day No Quarter released
♪ Audio: City Don't Cry
The Yardbirds performed Stroll On in Michelangelo Antonioni's movie, Blowup, though they weren't the director's first choice. Steve Howe, the late guitarist for Yes and at the time with a band called Tomorrow (a.k.a The in Crowd) later told Pete Frame in Frame's book, Complete Rock Family Trees (1993), "We went on the set and started preparing for that guitar-smashing scene in the club. They even went as far as making up a bunch of Gibson 175 replicas ... and then we got dropped for The Yardbirds, who were a bigger name. That's why you see Jeff Beck smashing my guitar rather than his!"

Antonioni had wanted The Who for Blowup. If he couldn't have Pete Townshend, he still wanted the guitar-smashing routine. Ironically, although that scene was staged, Beck's violent temper-tantrums onstage would contribute to his leaving The Yardbirds less than two years later.
1966 Jimmy Page with The Yardbirds in Blowup
"We're going to do tunes from the past, the very distant past, the present and the future." Jimmy Page said at the Kansas City show.
At one point a sweat soaked Page raised the body of his guitar for all to see. Then he kissed it. The image shared significance with that of the Greek Olympian of antiquity, who would ceremoniously place the wreath of victory on his own head.
~ Kansas City Star, by Brian McTavish 10/16/88

1988 Outrider poster for Kansas City gig
No Quarter: Unledded. Robert Plant's project. I will say no more.
1994 No Quarter:Unledded promo poster
On this day the open edition of Jimmy Page's pictorial autobiography was released.

From his website:  "Jimmy has chosen every one of the 650 photographs. There are many rare finds, such as Led Zeppelin playing an impromptu gig in a nightclub in Jersey, or double-exposure shots of Jimmy and Brian Jones by Ian Stewart. Jimmy chose one of his favourite portrait shots for the book cover: a 1977 passport photo, shot by Neal Preston on board Led Zeppelin's private tour plane."

2014 Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page

♪  Blowup (Yardbirds scene, 1966) YouTube
♪  Nobody’s Fault But Mine (Page & Plant 1994) YouTube
♪  Friends (Page & Plant 1994) YouTube

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