I'm curious about music - why it works, why it generates the responses it does. I'm not educated in music theory, but I want to know more about music than just that I like it or that it seems powerful. I want to know why. I'm hoping you do, too.

There's lots of pages devoted to Jimmy Page as guitarist, solo, with Led Zeppelin and others. There's discussion of the lyrics of the songs, and there's lots about Mr. Page's guitars and techniques too. There's not so much out there about the music itself, though.

I'm curious about the music. About why it is so magical (why it is so Magickal), about what works, what doesn't. About the influences - both on Mr. Page and that of his music on others.

With the help of thinking people everywhere who admire Jimmy Page and his work, this blog is dedicated to serious (and maybe not-so-serious) analysis of his awesome music.

Be advised that it is this blogmaster's opinion that Jimmy Page is truly The Rock God; nevertheless we understand that there are other musicians and music of value. Thus, all music can be discussed with reference to Mr. Page's work as long as it is done in a respectful manner, and with insight that will allow us all to learn.

PS - we will NOT beg Jimmy Page to reunite Led Zeppelin on this blog, OK?

About the author

Lif Strand is not a Mage, unless you consider writers to be wielders of Magick (and some people do).  Or unless you consider being a resident of the Land of Enchantment to be a characteristic of Mages (that is the official state nickname for New Mexico, USA by the way - I didn't make that up).  However, the author does study and think a lot about spirituality and it's manifestation in human reality.  Other than that, Lif is old enough to have heard Led Zeppelin and the other Big Kahunas of rock life, although she is sorry to say that of all the shows she got to attend back in the day, she never got to hear Led Zeppelin live.