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Mage Music: the Blog is now available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

Mage Music: the Blog - now available in paperback

The blurb on Amazon:
Mage Music: the Blog is a compilation of selected posts from The blog was begun with the intention of discussing and analyzing the music of the extraordinary guitarist, Jimmy Page. It evolved into a broader look at the creative nature of Magick and the connection of Magick with music and other forms of art. This book is the text of that blog.
Mage Music: the Blog is not a grimoire, however while will find no spells or instructions for making magical objects or invoking entities you will still learn about how to use Magick in your life. The focus of this book is the ur-Magick: the source of the energy and the fundamentals common to all specific practices of Magick. You will discover how to connect with your own Magick, and to more fully appreciate the Magick of the Mage Musician, Jimmy Page.

This digital version is updated from the original to enhance readability and functionality.
My next project, I think, might be to make some Oracle cards using the images from this blog.  Stay tuned!

Oh, by the way.  Speaking of Oracle cards - I threw some cards last night using a non-tarot deck I'm fond of, and got a super reading.  I wouldn't ordinarily share such things, but since we're all in this together, here are the cards with a brief, edited explanation.

Mage Music book reading / The Burning Serpent Oracle cards

The Book of Life: Secrets, concealed or revealed Destiny, "what is written." Knowledge, education.

The Red Clover: Something that takes place over time.

The Lily: Wisdom.  Mature man.

The Owl and the Mouse: Communication. Wisdom.

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