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Jimmy Page at ARMS

The ARMS concerts were a series of ten fundraisers for Action into Research for Multiple Sclerosis that took place from September through December 1983.  What was planned as a one-off at the Royal Albert Hall on 20 September, became a tour of nine shows with changing line-ups across North America.

Ronnie Lane, an English bass guitarist and founding member of the Small Faces (1965-69) and the Faces (1969–73) was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the late 1970s.  In 1983 Ronnie Lane's girlfriend, Boo Oldfield, approached producer Glyn Johns with the idea of a fundraiser to benefit ARMS, a group that was treating Lane for MS.  Johns was already producing a Prince's Trust Rock Gala (a youth charity) featuring Eric Clapton at Royal Albert Hall on 21 September 1983.

At the initial ARMS show each of the star artists performed mini-setlists. The show ended with three songs that all the ARMS musicians joined in.  The third and final song at RAH, Goodnight Irene, featuring Ronnie Lane.

Eric Clapton
•  Everybody Oughta Make A Change
•  Rita May
•  Lay Down Sally
•  Ramblin' On My Mind/Have You Ever Loved a Woman
•  Cocaine
Andy Fairweather Low
•  Man Smart (Woman Smarter)

Steve Winwood with Eric Clapton
•  Roadrunner
•  Take Me To The River
•  Slowdown Sundown
•  Gimme Some Lovin'

Jeff Beck
•  Star Cycle
•  The Pump
•  Goodbye Pork Pie Hat/Led Boots
•  Hi Ho Silver Lining
Jimmy Page
•  Prelude (with James Hooker)
•  City Sirens (with Steve Winwood )
•  Who's To Blame (with Steve Winwood )
•  Stairway to Heaven (Instrumental)
•  Tulsa Time
•  Layla
•  Goodnight, Irene (with Ronnie Lane)
Michael Palin said of Jimmy Page in his book Halfway to Hollywood: Diaries 1980--1988 (p 271),
"I am tempted by a phone call from Ray Cooper to attend the first of a two-night concert in aid of Multiple Sclerosis, in which many great rock stars of the '60's, all friends of Ronnie Lane who has MS, will be appearing, including Ray [on drums]...
...But even Ray is upstaged by the extraordinary appearance of Jimmy Page, who weaves his way around the stage like a man who has been frozen in the last stages of drunkenness, before actually falling over. He sways, reels, totters, bends, but still manages to play superbly."
Note that the second night's show was a charity concert, but not part of ARMS.

ARMS concert series
During the US tour Joe Cocker took lead vocals on With a Little Help from My Friends (Joe Cocker had recorded the Beatles cover in 1968 with Jimmy Page on guitar).  Steve Winwood was unable to do the tour, so Paul Rodgers was Jimmy Page's vocalist, which led to the later formation of The Firm.

Jimmy Page's sets during the US tour included:
•  Prelude
•  Who's To Blame
•  City Sirens
•  Boogie Mama
•  Bird On A Wing
•  Stairway To Heaven
•  Layla
•  With A Little Help From My Friends
•  Goodnight Irene

Royal Albert Hall
21 Sep 1983
Reunion Arena
28 Nov 1983
Reunion Arena
29 Nov 1983
Cow Palace
San Francisco
01 Dec 1983
Cow Palace
San Francisco
02 Dec 1983
Cow Palace
San Francisco
03 Dec 1983
Los Angeles
05 Dec 1983
Los Angeles
06 Dec 1983
Madison Square Garden
New York
08 Dec 1983
Madison Square Garden
New York
09 Dec 1983

Ronnie Lane emigrated to the US for his health in 1984. Lane continued to perform and record until 1992. Jimmy Page, Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood funded his medical care while Lane was in the US because no royalties were paid from the ARMS concerts until after Lane's death in 1997.