Friday, August 14, 2015

On This Day 14 August

Seems to me it's not loud enough yet.

2000 14 August On This Day Jimmy Page - The Black Crowes - Burbank, CA on the Tonight Show

  • 1966 The Yardbirds - Great Falls, MT at State Fairgrounds,4-H Building
  • 1969 Led Zeppelin - Austin, TX at Austin Municipal Auditorium
  • 1977 Jimmy Page with Ron Wood and local band, Arms and Legs - Plumpton, England at The Half Moon Pub, charity event for underprivileged children
  • 2000 Jimmy Page with The Black Crowes - Burbank, CA onTonight Show
  • 2009 14 August - It Might Get Loud opens in select theaters in NY, WA, CA

There were two Jimmy Page/Ron Wood charity jams in 1977.  The first was on this day at the Half Moon Pub, which was very close to Jimmy Page's Plumpton Place home and studio.  The second was 17 September.  Both acoustic jam events were to benefit the Goaldiggers football charity that provides playing fields in under-privileged areas. Elton John released a single for the charity in 1977, The Goaldiggers Song.

2009 14 August - It Might Get Loud opens in select theaters in NY, WA & CA
The short description of the movie It Might Get Loud might be stated like this: the individual histories of three generations of rock guitarists are shown and then the guitarists come together and jam. But the 2009 documentary directed by Davis Guggenheim is, for those who know, a movie about an elemental - that is, Jimmy Page - and two younger guitarists who practice the art of music.

Just look at the Edge's and Jack White's faces when Jimmy Page hits the first notes of Whole Lotta Love. Those are the looks of people in the presence of one of their gods manifesting his Power. They don't hide how they feel and we know why.

What? You don't know? Well, this is a blog about music AND magic, isn't it? Who else but Jimmy Page embodies both?

2009 June Guitar World cover (Ross Halfin photo)

Jimmy Page, scene from It Might Get Loud

♪ It Might Get Loud (movie trailer 2009)  YouTube
♪ The Wanton Song (Jimmy Page with The Black Crowes, Tonight Show 2000) YouTube
♪ Desire (The Wanton Song, rough mix) YouTube
♪ The Goaldiggers Song (Elton John, for Goaldiggers charity 1977) YouTube

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