Tuesday, August 4, 2015

On This Day 04 August

The jimmmypage.com website has this for today's On This Day, but I'd rather talk about Safe Sex.
2015 04 August On This Day
Last year we had this one:

1986 04 August On This Day Jimmy Page - San Antonio,Ibiza at Heartbreak Hotel
  • 1969 Led Zeppelin - Dallas, TX at Texas State Fair Arena
  • 1979 Led Zeppelin - Knebworth House 
  • 1986 Jimmy Page - San Antonio,Ibiza at Heartbreak Hotel 
Robert Plant was seriously injured in a car accident while on vacation in Greece on this day and all concerts for the rest of the year were cancelled.
..my kind of vision, or the carefree element I had, disappeared instantly when I had my automobile accident in 1975. That kind of ramshackled "I'll take the world now" attitude was completely gone.
~ Robert Plant - In His Own Words 
Dave Lewis has written a whole book about Knebworth, so there’s not much more I can add except even after all these years the Knebworth concerts are still emotional events. 

1979 04 August Jimmy Page laser music magic at Knebworth (photo Alan Perry)

1979 04 August Jimmy Page at Knebworth (Photo Alan Perry)

1979 04 August Led Zeppelin backstage
The Spanish island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea is known for its nightclubs and white sand beaches. Ulysses was lured there by the song of sirens and Nostradamus predicted it would be the final refuge of humanity at the end of the world.

In 1986 it wasn't the celebrity party hot-spot it is today, but it was already a destination for those in the know.  In 1985 Robert Plant filmed the video for his single “Sea of Love” (Jimmy Page guitar) on Ibiza, and Jimmy Page was back the following year to play with the jam band, Safe Sex, at the Heartbreak Hotel in San Antonio.
1986 Jimmy Page with Safe Sex at Ibiza
[Note this bootleg cover photo for Safe Sex is actually from the Les Paul birthday party]

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