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On This Day 02 August

 Sometimes you just have to think about it a little harder.
1967 02 August The Yardbirds travel... but see more below
♪  Think About It (The Yardbirds) Soundcloud
  • 1967 The Yardbirds - Ellsworth, WI at Proche's Popular Ballroom
  • 1969 - Led Zeppelin - Albuquerque, NM at Civic Auditorium
Believe me, its easy to screw up dates when you're doing research and digging into old records. had posted this Yardbirds travel date originally as 1968, but this year corrected it to 1967 because The Yardbirds had split up in the early part of July.  

But even so, The Yardbirds would have been traveling to Ellsworth, Wisconsin for their gig that night rather than to Ann Arbor, where they were to perform on August 8, 1967.  

Phil, roadie, on the Albuquerque show (note that the creative spelling below is Phil's, not mine)

This most amazing band was, hands down, Led Zepplin. I was backstage helping out at first..... Vanilla Fudge was the main draw and the Zep of course. 1969.

We cleared the stage and their guys were pulling out the equipment and we went front row center. Pretty soon the curtains were moving, cause someone was trying to find the break so they could get through. Plant come out, says hello to everybody and says "Hi, I'm Robert Plant and we are Led Zepplin and we'd like to play some music for ya". The curtain opens and they go to it for about 1/2 hour. He says "that's the first side of our album . Here's the second side" They used to do an incredible riff where Paige would strum the lowest fret and Plant would match it exactly (I mean EXACTLY) in tone. They would go up the scale until Paige was leaning on the wah-wah pedal while sliding up and down and Plant keeping up with him the whole time. Never heard that matched before or since. Then Plant said " we are working on a second album, would you like to hear it?" Duh....... They played about four more songs and Plant said "That's all we got, thanks a lot".

1969 02 August Led Zeppelin in Albuquerque

1969 Led Zeppelin in Albuquerque

Because I don't have any music for you from the above dates, here are some links to In The Evening that I used in a previous Mage Music post to track the evolution of magic in the song, and I've added the rough mix from the In Through The Out Door remaster companion disc (I got mine, did you get yours?)

♪  In The Evening – Studio: Led Zeppelin In Through The Out Door – 1979 
♪  In The Evening – Live: Led Zeppelin Knebworth August 4 1979
♪  In The Evening – Live: Led Zeppelin Berlin July 7 1980
♪  In The Evening – Live: Page & Plant Glastonbury - June 25 1995
♪  In The Evening - Rough Mix (from remaster companion disc)

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