Thursday, November 15, 2018

CONTEST! Win a Jimmy Page bio!

01 December 2018 -- CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED!  
WINNER  is >>>> DARLENE! <<<<
And in celebration, let's listen to  Led Zeppelin's Darlene, from CODA
Darlene, please contact me with your mailing info!

Here it is -- an easy-peasy contest.  Anyone can enter!  Winner gets a hardcover copy of Jimmy Page: The Definitive Biography, by Chris Salewicz

Here's the challenge:
I'm thinking of the name of a continent that Jimmy Page visited to play a gig, anytime in his career.  There aren't that many continents, so how hard could it be?

 Here's the rules:

1. Guess only one (1) continent. Also one (1) guess per person. Extra guesses disqualify a person from the whole contest. All comments to this post that aren't a guess will be deleted.

2. I've already picked a continent!  Yes I have, and I'm thinking of it very hard while typing these rules so that somebody -- maybe YOU -- will pick it and will be the winner.

3. All guesses must be posted as a comment to this post on or before 11:59 Mountain Time (e.g. Albuquerque NM or Denver CO time) on November 30, 2018

4. In the event that nobody guesses the continent, I will weep.  Just kidding.  Seriously, if nobody guesses the continent I'll just do the contest again.

5. In the event that more than one person guesses the continent, a winner will be picked from among the correct guesses this way:  A number will be assigned to each correct guess based on the order it is posted below, and a person who not only is not connected to this contest, or to Mage Music, but who isn't even a Jimmy Page fan, will pick a number between 1 and whatever the last number is assigned to the correct guesses. The person who corresponds to that number wins the book.  I hope that makes sense.

6. The continent name has already been chosen and sent via email (so it is time stamped) to a neutral party who cannot be bribed, so don't worry, there's no cheating on my end!

7. The book is the hardcover version like this one at, with the slip cover shown in the photo above. It is in new condition.  Never opened, actually. 

8. Shipping will be paid by Mage Music.  To any continent in the world!  It's going to go media mail so it'll be slow.

9. The name of the winner will be posted here on Mage Music and (if I have an email address) that person will notified by email two days after the contest closes (i.e. December 2, 2018).

10. This is not an endorsement of the Salewicz book.  I accidentally got two copies, and the extra one can be yours!