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On This Day 13 August

"He's the man who started everything. He's just a genius."
~ Jimmy Page, about Les Paul

~ Jimmy Page, about James Brown

2013, 2015 13 August On This Day James Brown vs Led Zeppelin mashup
Note from Mage Music: As we move along through the On This Day year I try to capture the multiple years' different posts on  I don't have a bunch of spare time and I do have a slow internet connection, so they won't all be here right away.
2011 13 August On This Day Les Paul died
  • 1966 The Yardbirds - Amarillo,TX at Checkmate Young Adult Club
  • 2009 Les Paul died
Les Paul (1915-2009)
Born Lester William Polsfuss, Les Paul was a man of many talents.  A guitarist, songwriter, maker of stringed instruments and inventor, Les Paul, was a pioneer of the solid-body electric guitar from which rock and roll rose.  As a guitarist he experimented with overdubbing, tape delay, phasing effects and multi-tracking, not to mention playing the guitar using style techniques that pushed the envelope beyond what others were doing at the time.  Jimmy Page paid attention.

Les Paul wasn't the first to come up with a solid body guitar but Gibson's Les Paul models are considered by many to be the guitar of choice.  Goldtops were the first of the Les Paul line for Gibson, with the Les Paul Custom being next.  These were the Black Beauties, black guitars with gold-plated hardware. After that came the Les Paul Standards (Jimmy Page's Number One and Number Two, among others). There have been countless versions and special editions of Les Paul guitars put out by Gibson over the years.

Les Paul's fertile mind came up with many innovations for the electric guitar and for the recording industry, including the eight-track deck for multi-track recording and a disc-cutter for acetate discs.  He has a permanent exhibit in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and has received dozens of awards, not only for his contributions to the music industry.  Les Paul was also inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. 
Les Paul: not just guitars

Les Paul's casket gives the date of August 12th for his death, but apparently his website at one point said August 13th.  Whatever. Video mashups aren't my thing. James Brown may be dazzling, and Jimmy Page might appreciate all kinds of music but I'm a mere mortal and I'd rather have Jimmy Page's music as he himself created it.

1993 Jimmy Page with goldtop Les Paul guitar (image from Coverdale/Page Pride and Joy video - )
♪  Lover (When You're Near Me) Les Paul 1988 YouTube
♪  Pride and Joy (Coverdale/Page) YouTube
♪  James Brown vs Led Zeppelin video mashup YouTube

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