Wednesday, March 30, 2016

On This Day 30 March

Ooh la la!
1968 30 March On This Day The Yardbirds at Anderson Theatre, NYC

  • 1968 The Yardbirds - New York NY at Anderson Theatre
  • 1969 Led Zeppelin - Southall England at Northcote Arms Farx Club
  • 1970 Led Zeppelin - Pittsburgh PA at Pittsburgh Civic Arena
  • 1998 Page & Plant - Paris France at La Cigale

Unfortunately for us today, The Yardbirds' shows weren't officially recorded by the band, and what there is out there of audience recordings is usually terrible quality. On this day in 1968 The Yardbirds did two shows at the Anderson Theatre, and Train Kept A-Rollin was recorded for Epic Records. The video link is below.  You won't want to look at it - the video part is not only not synced with the audio, but the video is at a faster speed. Unfortunately also there is fake audience applause dubbed onto the audio. Ewwwww.
1968 Jimmy Page / The Yardbirds, NYC

1968 Jimmy Page / The Yardbirds, NYC
As reported by Dave Lewis in his amazing reference book, Led Zeppelin: The Concert File, the band's contract for the Farx Club gig included a fee of £75 or 60% of the door, whichever was greater.  Those bargain days didn't last long.

1998 Ooh La La bootleg from Page & Plant at La Cigale, Paris 

♪  Train Kept A-Rollin (The Yardbirds, New York Anderson Theater 1968) YouTube
♪  When I Was A Child (Page & Plant, La Cigale Paris 1998) YouTube
♪  How Many More Times (Page & Plant, La Cigale Paris 1998) YouTub
♪  Whole Lotta Love (Page & Plant, La Cigale Paris 1998) YouTube

♪ Mage Music 1 playlist at YouTube
♪ Mage Music 2 playlist at YouTube
♪ Page & Plant playlist at YouTube

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