Monday, March 7, 2016

On This Day 07 March

My prayers are for new music from my guitar god
1970 07 March On This Day Led Zeppelin at Montreux
  • 1969 Led Zeppelin - London at Bluesville 69 Club, Hornsey Wood Tavern
  • 1970 Led Zeppelin - Montreux Switzerland at Montreux Casino
  • 1985 Jimmy Page The Firm - Milwaukee WI at Mecca Arena
  • 1995 Page & Plant Unledded Tour - Orlando FL at Orlando Complex

1970 On their knees before Led Zeppelin
Last part of the Phillpe Paringaux interview mentioned in the On This Day post (Google translated from French):
"... Led Zeppelin has electrified blues (and rock as well, since the final quarter of an hour was devoted to a medley of old themes hurled against the rock scene with a wild-eyed crowd and made to kneel in prayer, one of the worshipers of the god page) to the bottom of his old bones and does something else, a language so different from what it originally was that the question of authenticity does not even arise. What was human became mechanical, but this particular machine has a pretty terrifying power of those to whom it speaks, comparable only to that of another set that does not make sense, the Iron Butterfly (already the name ... ): the power to make its listeners giddy sense of the term. Page, who I asked after the show what he thought, looked surprised, as if this problem he had never occurred to me, as if it was not surprising to see a boy of fifteen years to roll to his feet and worship, pray. Pray for Jimmy Page! The latter he had he put his boot in the face, the kid would have said thank you and licked the blood from his lips touched by God. "It feels fantastic to make people so happy," he said. Happy? Perhaps, after all ...
"Led Zeppelin was huge and ominous, as the red sky projectors, crackling furnace in which the gods were twisted-puppets of the great decline. " 
1970 07 March Led Zeppelin at Montreux

♪  White Summer/Black Mountain Side (Led Zeppelin, Montreux 1970) YouTube
♪  Full Set (Page & Plant. Orlando 1995) YouTube

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