Thursday, September 10, 2015

On This Day10 September

The show must go on.
1966 10 September On This Day The Yardirds - Baltimore, MD at Baltimore Civic Center
  • 1966 The Yardirds - Baltimore, MD at Baltimore Civic Center
  • 1971 Led Zeppelin - Syracuse, NY at Onondaga War Memorial
You can never predict what the consequences of an action might be. Whether Jeff Beck was recovering from surgery or was, as Jimmy Page perhaps hints at On This Day, playing hooky, the result was that it would not be long before our Mr. Page was sole lead guitarist for The Yardbirds. And of course, the next step after that was a big one.
1966 Yardbirds Baltimore
A bit of trivia about the beginning of the Outrider Tour, though not so trivial at the time: Jimmy Page had abdominal surgery during the week of 21 August 1988. The opening night of the tour was to have been at the Sun Dome in Tampa on 31 August, only ten days post-surgery, so that gig was cancelled and the Miami Arena date was changed from 2 September to the 8th.  He flew from London to Atlanta on 31 August and, after three days of rehearsal at The Omni, the tour opened.

A far cry from tonsillitis - know what I mean?

2009 Fall Guitar Aficionado Magazine (Ross Halfin Photo)

2015 September special Led Zeppelin collectors edition published by Bob Guccione

♪  No Excess Baggage (The Yardbirds feat. Jimmy Page guitar 1967) You Tube
♪  Sick Again (Led Zeppelin, MSG 1975) YouTube
♪  One Hit To The Body (Rolling Stones feat. solo by Jimmy Page 1986) YouTube
♪  For Your Life (Page/Plant/Jones/Jason Bonham, O2 2007) YouTube

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