Thursday, July 16, 2015

On This Day 16 July

It's been a long time since he rock and rolled...
1984 16 July On This Day Jimmy Page at Alexis Korner Tribute, Pistoia
♪  Bring It On Home To Me (SoundCloud)

  • 1966 The Yardbirds - Ayr, Scotland at Ayr Ice Rink 
  • 1970 Led Zeppelin - Koln, Germany at Koln Sporthalle 
  • 1984 Jimmy Page - Pistoia, Italy at Pistoia Blues Festival, Alexis Korner Blues Tribute 
  • 1995 Page & Plant Unledded Tour - Poole, England at Poole Arts Center 
  • 1998 Page & Plant -  New York, NY at Madison Square Garden 

Jimmy Page performed at the second Alexis Korner tribute concert.  Read more about Alexis Korner.
1984 Jimmy Page at Pistoria Blues Festival

1998 Jimmy Page at MSG (image capture from video posted by aprl20)

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