Friday, January 16, 2015

First book signing NOT

A day late and a dollar short. You've no doubt heard the expression before. I just experienced it firsthand -- but I survived.

Here's my story: I ordered some books so I could sell and sign them at Mage Music: the Blog's debut at the library in town. When checked delivery date, it was for the day after the event. No, no, no, that will never do. So I paid extra for expedited shipping that would get the box of books to me the day before.

You can guess without my saying what happened. Ice and snow on the roads. The local UPS man is amazing at what road conditions he'll brave to get the deliveries through on time, but he can't deliver what he never receives at his end.

I contacted UPS. Got one of those "read responses from menu" customer service types. Oh he's so sorry about the delivery. It seems that UPS screwed up somewhere along the line and the package was delayed. Oh so sorry, nothing he can do. Not even tell me where the box is. 

He suggested that I keep tracking the delivery. The tracking page had not updated in 24 hours. Oh so sorry, nothing he could do about that.

To make a not very long story even shorter, I went to the library event last night without a box of books. I borrowed one from a friend to use as an example. My talk went well. No one seemed shocked that I would write about music or Magick.  

I will say, though, that when a few people said "I want to buy one" it was like little stabs to the heart (or ego) telling them they'd have to order the book from Amazon. Because a bird in hand is worth two in the bush, as long as I'm quoting aphorisms.

The good news is that the library system is buying a bunch of copies for the various branches. The other good news is that when I got home last night, the box of books was waiting in my car where I had parked it before catching a ride to town with my friend yesterday afternoon.

It's all good. I will get to autograph books another day.

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