Friday, May 13, 2016

Train, zircons that just can't pass for diamonds

Here is Train's note for note copy of Led Zeppelin's The Lemon Song. Obviously Train has worked very hard to sound exactly like our boys. Which somehow is OK to do in today's crazy world.

So anyway, after I'm done scratching my head about the above, let me say that while Train have nailed every single note (well, maybe almost every single one) I'm still not going to run out and buy the music. Maybe it's just me, but even though it sounds so very close... it just doesn't have the magic that the real Led Zeppelin delivers. It sounds kind of like Led Zeppelin practicing, when their hearts really weren't into it and they'd just played the thing a hundred times in a row.  Perfect... but dead inside.

I can't quite pinpoint why I feel that, but there's just something off about it. Kind of like a very, very good impersonator that just, well, just isn't the real thing. Like maybe a vampire who enters the room, a vampire that used to be your spouse.  A vampire that looks just like your beloved.... but isn't.  You might not necessarily be able to pinpoint how you know it's not your beloved... but you know it right away.  

And that is creepy.

That's how I feel about listening to this Train version of The Lemon Song.  I'm creeped out because though my brain can't define why, my heart still knows the soul is missing.  

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