Sunday, June 21, 2015

On This Day 21 June

Jimmy's first show with the Yardbirds in 1966, and what some consider Led Zeppelin's best performance, at the LA Forum in 1977.  Listen to that, Eddie.
1966 21 June On This Day Yardbirds - London, England at Marquee Club
  • 1966 21 June On This Day Yardbirds - London, England at Marquee Club
  • 1969 Led Zeppelin - Bristol, England at Colston Hall
  • 1972 Led Zeppelin - Denver, CO at Denver Coliseum
  • 1977 Led Zeppelin - Inglewood, CA at The Forum
  • 1980 Led Zeppelin - Rotterdam, The Netherlands at Ahoy Rotterdam

1966 Yardbirds - London, England at Marquee Club

1966 The Yardbirds - Why I left/Why I joined

1969 Led Zeppelin Bristol
1972, Denver:  The Mighty Led Zeppelin Roars
by Pillow/June 1972
"During Dazed and Confused, [Jimmy Page] grabbed a violin bow and holding the tip in his hand about 2 feet from the strings, coaxed eerie, shivering riffs from his guitar. The whole audience held its breath and then Page spring into action. He lept into the air, and using the bow  like a fencing foil, hit each exact string at point-blank range and never missed a beat. The audience howled and stopped, but he remained calm and collected, put down the bow and resumed playing guitar with his fingers,  acting as if these amazing feats were as simple as rolling off a log."

1977 21 June Led Zeppelin LA Forum (Photo Ed Finnell)
1977, LA:
It took a mere 40 minutes to sell out the tickets for five nights at the Forum. Another night was added later. It too sold out within minutes.(The Telegram - June 1977)

Nearly a quarter of a million tickets were sold for the combined MSG and The Forum shows.

Listen To This, Eddie is a bootleg recording of the June 21, 1977 show at The Forum in Los Angeles, CA by a member of the audience, the late Mike Millard. The show is considered one of Led Zeppelin's best ever performances and Mike the Mic's recording does it justice.

The title supposedly refers to either audio engineer Eddie Kramer or, more likely, to guitarist Eddie Van Halen (who criticized Jimmy Page's guitar work and who should have been blown away by Mr. Page's performance in this show).

1980 Rotterdam (Photo Rob Verhorst/Redferns)

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