Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mage, Invent Thyself

"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return."
~ Leonardo Da Vinci, Codex on the Flight of Birds

Mage Music 80

Once upon a time, years and years ago, a young musician worked at his craft and honed his skills, biding his time until at last his music had so far surpassed the bonds of his apprenticeship that his dreams could no longer be contained.  He stepped away from the safety of the conventional in order to invoke the Magick of his dreams.

He had envisioned something that had never existed before. It was a sound that had not yet been heard, a musical message that had not yet been shared. His dream was bigger than any but the boldest had ever dared. His dream was even greater than that.

We know today that this was no ordinary musician, of course. We know that this is no fable. This is the true story of a musician who became a Mage, of a man who understood that without imagination there can be no Magick, and that it was Magick that would carry his music into realms beyond the dreams of most mortals.

Unclipped wings

It's no accident that we use words associated with flying to talk about the dreams we have while we are awake.  Flights of imagination, soaring imagination, on wings of dreams - the words are about taking yourself far beyond where you ordinarily dwell.

Magick exists everywhere as potential - Magick is purposeful use of the energy of the universe, after all. But Magick stubbornly remains as only potential until the Mage activates it though desire, will and ritual. A Mage’s desire is more than just a vague wish, however – it is specific, it is powerful, and it is held in place by will so that it can be manifest through ritual.

Imagination is what turns a wish into a desire. A Mage must invent his new reality, and because the new reality has never existed before, a Mage must imagine it so strongly that on some level it already exists for him. Once the new reality already exists - even if only in a Mage's imagination - the heavy lifting is done.  All that remains is for the Mage to use the ritual of Magick to make it so.

A Mage’s will is the discipline to know with all the cells of his body that there is nothing more important than that he attains his desire.  His discipline allows him to ruthlessly remove all obstacles that may be in the way. The first and foremost of these obstacles is doubt.  Doubt is the wing-clipper, doubt is the imagination-blocker, doubt is the Magick-slayer.

Eyes turned skywards

To step outside the comfort zone and launch into the sky takes a rare kind of bravery. While the world enjoys the results of invention, it is human nature to be cautious, even fearful, of new things. A Mage stands alone, eyes turned skywards, dreaming the new reality into his soul until he spreads his wings and flies free. The rest of us may follow if we dare.


  1. Did I already told you that you should write books?
    It's interesting this comparison with real and dreamlike life. They're different because they belong at the same time to two separated sphere of time and space. Maybe dreams are the world which exist inside or a different state of reality. Maybe we don't even know reality as such but just two dimensions of it. In this case we change as well because in dreams we are winged-shadows while in our 'real' wolrd we are just common humans. Or at least, most of us are.
    But does exist a relation of cause and effect between these two wolrds? Is magick the power that come from our dreams?
    Maybe it is.

    1. I'm working on the books, Zeppelin' On! Someday there's going to be one based on these blogs, but I've got other stuff in the pipeline before that.

      From the non-Magick point of view there is separation between states of reality. But for Mages - as well as for others who understand how it works (e.g. Aboriginal Australian Dreamtime) - there is no separation. All is One.

  2. Whatever you're going to publish, notice me on facebook as soon as it will be available, please!

    And One is All. Is that right? I don't believe in coincidences, so I'm starting wondering if those famous words are related with it. We should ask Freud something more about it, lol.

    1. I'll let the world know when I'm ready to publish, that's for sure!

      And One is all. Not just the 3 Musketeers, either.