Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Journey is a Trip

“I am a traveler of both time and space”
~ Kashmir, Led Zeppelin, Physical Graffiti 1975

Mage Music 70
Mage Music 70:  The Journey

Magick is such a trip! No, not the kind you do with chemical assistance but the kind of trip that is a journey. Magick is a process like a journey in that it's not just about arriving at a new place, but about the whole experience of getting there.

When it comes to Magick, every aspect of the journey from initial desire to end result matters.  Beaming down to a planet's surface is not a journey.  No matter what the movies would like you to believe, time - and what happens within time - is as important an ingredient of Magick as any other factor. The right amount (not too much or too little) and quality of use (as opposed to just spending it) are part of the art of manifesting reality.  

Time is, in fact, the most overlooked and therefore the most likely reason for an unsuccessful attempt of transmutation of energy. Magick isn't simply about waving a wand and instantly arriving at Point B, it is about the whole process of Point A through Point B and the infinity between the two points that is known as space and time.

It is self-evident that in any journey, you won't get where you want to go if you screw up too much.  This means you need to know where you want to go before you start, you need to know why you want to take your journey so you can know how to plan the trip. Once on the road, you need to pay attention to the signs along the way and take the correct route.  And there is no getting around that in any journey, the change from Point A to Point B is going to take the time it needs to take, no matter what.

Rushing things and taking shortcuts so that you can get to the destination is not the point of a great journey. If you only want to reach your destination, ask Scotty to meet you in the transporter room.  If, however, the going is as important as the getting there then what happens between the time you decide you want to go and when you get there is what it's all about.

If you want to be successful at Magick then know before you begin that the going is as important as the getting there. Magick is a process of creation - of changing personal reality on purpose, as opposed to letting the currents and whims of life do the changing. Full engagement of mind, body and soul in the entirety of a journey through the time and space of the process is what it takes for success in Magick.  High levels of desire, will and performance must be maintained throughout the planning and preparation as well as during the ritual itself. This means there are many possible opportunities to screw up along the way.

Many who attempt Magick will fail.  These would primarily be people who sabotage themselves by not being clear about what they really want or what that would look like in the new reality (not knowing their destination) and by failing to stick with the program all the way through to the end or to pay attention to the signs that would guide them along the way (messing up the journey).

It's not the fault of the Universe when Magick fails.  On the other hand, if a journey is never attempted, the goal will never be reached.

What are you waiting for?


  1. We're talking Holographic Universe on one hand, Controlled personal success on another. Also negative phenomena, is very misunderstood. It's as natural as guard railings in the Rocky Mountains. Gurus call it Karma. That's pretty unhelpful, as a reality. I don't care for such Soul manipulating, futile exercises. For one to fully realise Nirvana, is unnecessary. As you say, Lif- The right amount (not too much or too little) and quality of use (as opposed to just spending it) are part of the art of manifesting reality. One need only imagine a new destination. As new information is received, and processed along the way. After all .. there is no end to Time or Space. & that's just the beginning. At super subatomic levels Matter pops in & out of reality. A short visit of the balancing act, of energy conservation. It applies itself to all Matters, as well as Matter itself. If one could be beamed up, by scotty, it would mean the end to the original. Then the recreation of a copy. A different, improved version, than the one before .. is Magick. An original idea, is a Miracle. They tend to go unnoticed, by the easily impressed for what it is. A work in progress.

    1. Negative phenomena is definitely understood, mostly because, well, people think negatively about it. But really, they are as you say, the guard rails of life, the signs that say "closed road" or "there be bears ahead". Nothing inherently wrong or bad with proceeding from the big-picture point of view (the soul) however from the finite point of view of human experience, proceeding with the knowledge that to do so may result in unpleasant or even painful experience is advised.

      It's all experience that is available to shape the reality of one's life. It's all personal choice as to which experiences to use for that shaping. It's also all personal choice as to dwell in the negativity or to accept that all experience is part of the journey, and it's all good to talk about afterwards over a glass of wine.

      Thanks for your thought provoking comment!

    2. Sorry - that first sentence should have read: "Negative phenomena" is negatively understood, mostly because, well, people think negatively about it.

  2. Well, journey in Magick may be interpretated in a lot of different ways. What's a journey, if not a simply movement? A trasformation? A translation? The beginning of a new life? I think it's also a point of view which changes in every person, but at the same moment i think we're talkin' about something more than religion and personal faith. So, is a journey a piece of existence which unravels through space and time and which us can enjoy in every part and every moment of its manifestation? It may be so. And about a Mage, in this case he might be a "traveller of both time and space", if not physically, with his mind, of course. D'you ever thought you, me or whoever can be a mage in everyday's life? Sir William Burroughs said that we have to not stand still, so journeys can also be a phylosophy of life.
    In conclusion, it doesen't matter where are we going, but i'ts importand how we travel during this short journey.

    Reading and writing on Mage Music it's a pleasure, my friend.

    1. It's a pleasure reading and thinking about your comments, my friend!