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On This Day 29 January

Pretty in pink. Or any other color.
2011 29 January On This Day Jimmy Page loans guitars and costumes for Japanese exhibition

  • 1975 Led Zeppelin - Greensboro, NC at Greensboro Coliseum 
Greensboro. Chris Charlesworth describes near-combat conditions on his Just Backdated blog.
"... outside the venue a shortage of tickets has caused violence to erupt. About five hundred fans have attempted to storm the rear of the building, throwing broken bottles, stones and pieces of scaffolding. Three of the five limousines, those parked outside, become severely damaged.
"...the drivers of the three limos parked outside, fearing further damage to them, have removed their cars and the other two drivers, whose cars are parked inside, want to take theirs away too. This, of course, would leave the Led Zeppelin entourage stranded when the concert is over..."
Peter Grant attempts to buy the limos. In the end, he simply commandeers two.
"The huge stadium doors open and the angry mob of fans who didn’t make it into the show surge forward into our path. Grant blasts a way through, his horn blaring, we follow, and the crowd parts like the Red Sea. Our truncated convoy reaches speeds of up to 70 mph in a heavily built-up area with Grant leading the way, driving his car through red lights and on the wrong side of the road through the town of Greensboro. Our car, crammed, follows in hot pursuit. Good grief, I think, this is far more exciting than any rock concert.
"Then, when we reach the point at the airport where the Starship is waiting, a funny thing happens. Instead of stopping as we have done, Grant drives round and round the huge aircraft, tyres screeching, faster and faster, burning rubber. When he finally skids to a stop the four members of Led Zeppelin tumble out, hysterical with laughter..."
~ Chris Charlesworth, Just Backdated

1975 Jimmy Page / Led Zeppelin at Greensboro (Neal Preston photo)

We all know about Jimmy Page's famous Gibson doubleneck, but some folks might not be familiar with that oddly shaped white guitar pictured on this day.  It is a 12 string Vox Phantom XII that Jimmy Page first used on stage with the Yardbirds in 1967 and in the studio for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor from the Yardbirds' album Little Games.  Jimmy Page also used it for Thank You on Led Zeppelin II in 1969.  

According to advertising posters, the photos of the guitars were taken by Scarlet Page.

2011 Jimmy Page's guitars, as shown in exhibition brochure

1967 Jimmy Page / Yardbirds using Vox Phantom XII guitar

2011 Photo from the exhibition brochure (photo taken 1974 at Swan Song launch party

Jimmy Page photo from exhibition brochure

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