Monday, January 25, 2016

On This Day 25 January

Should the song remain the same? Or should it change?
  • 1967 The Yardbirds - Adelaide, Australia at Centennial Hall
  • 1969 Led Zeppelin - Boston, MA at Boston Tea Party (day 3 of 4)
  • 1973 Led Zeppelin - Aberdeen, Scotland at Aberdeen Music Hall
  • 1975 Led Zeppelin - Indianapolis, IN at Market Square Arena 
  • 1995 Page & Plant – record Black Dog at The Depot Studios in London for later broadcast at the American Music Awards
  • 1996 Page & Plant Unledded Tour - Buenos Aires, Argentina at Estadio Ricardo Etcheverry 

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant onstage in Aberdeen Scotland 1973
1973    Aberdeen Scotland

1975 Led Zeppelin at Indianapolis (Neil Preston photo)
On this day Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, with Michael Lee, Charlie Jones and didgeridoo players recorded Black Dog in London's Depot Studios to be broadcast at the American Music Awards on 30 January in Los Angeles. John Paul Jones would accept the International Artist Award for Led Zeppelin in person.

1996 Page & Plant, Buenos Aires

♪  Rock And Roll (Led Zeppelin, Aberdeen 1973) YouTube
♪  The Song Remains The Same  (Led Zeppelin, Aberdeen 1973) YouTube
♪  Rock And Roll (Led Zeppelin, Indianapolis 1975) YouTube
♪  The Song Remains the Same  (Led Zeppelin, Indianapolis 1975) YouTube
♪  Full set (Page & Plant, Buenos Aires 1996) YouTube

♪ Mage Music 1 playlist at YouTube
♪ Mage Music 2 playlist at YouTube

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