Tuesday, January 19, 2016

On This Day 19 January

2001 19 January On This Day Jimmy Page attends Iron Maiden show in Rio
  • 1969 Led Zeppelin - Detroit, Michigan at Grande Ballroom (day 3 of 3)

Apropos of nothing, here are some excerpts from a June 1969 Guitar Player article on Jimmy Page I came across on Beat Patrol blog.
“Led Zeppelin’s music never duplicates itself,” [Jimmy Page] insists. “We might use the same pattern, but it’s always changing. By now a tune may be entirely different from when we first started. The only thing which will remain the same is the first couple of verses. Although we’ve got cues when we cut in, the idea is to get as much spontaneity as possible. But to get yourself out of trouble, you’ve got certain keys you can use to come in. Otherwise it can be chaotic. Usually we just start the song off and then go in different tangents, change it four or five times, and then come back to the original song.”
Jimmy wouldn’t call what they do during rehearsal a practice. “We jam,” he says. “Once we’ve got a number, everything is happy, but getting there is another thing. That is why it is so easy using an old blues number. You know it, and then you go on from there. I think most groups must have the same trouble.
“How original our work is depends upon how you want to classify it. You might say it’s 80% original if you want to exclude the words. In fact, it would be 90% original, because our numbers would be ten or fifteen minutes whereas the original number would only be three minutes long. So basically we are making it up all the time.”
Sounds like something Jimmy Page could say today.

2001 Jimmy Page and Iron Maiden auctioning autographed guitar
2001 Jimmy Page & guitarist/photographer Jimmy Appudurai-chua

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