Saturday, November 21, 2015

On This Day 21 November

On the road again.  Darn.  Now I've given myself a non-Jimmy earworm.
1988 21 November On This Day Jimmy Page Outrider Tour begins - Birmingham, England at The Hummingbird

  • 1966 The Yardbirds - Richmond, IN at Richmond Civic Hall
  • 1971 Led Zeppelin - London, England at Wembley Empire Pool (day 2)
  • 1988 Jimmy Page Outrider Tour begins - Birmingham, England at The Hummingbird
  • 1989 Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Robert Plant with Chris Blackwell & Phil Johnson - Carmen Plant's 21st birthday party, Oldbury, England at Hens & Chickens  

1971 Led Zeppelin, Wembley (day 2)
October 1988 Guitar World
Guitar World interviewed Jimmy Page about his Outrider tour in the October 1988 issue of the magazine. According to the interview, "...after having his initial set of demos for the album stolen, he chose not to prepare at all. Instead, he'd walk into the studio each workday with a willing heart and an open mind, simply picking up a guitar and jamming with whatever rhythm section happened to be in the room. "

Wouldn't it be wonderful if he did his next album the same way?  

Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones, with Chris Blackwell on drums and Phil Johnstone on keyboard helped Carmen Plant celebrate her 21st birthday party on this day. Jimmy Page's daughter Scarlet was also at the party.

Let me explain about what's going on with me and this blog. I usually take the month of November to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). That was my intention this month. But I got waylaid by a paying job - I am a writer/researcher-for-hire in real life. It was a rush job with a deadline of Nov 20 and an understanding that it was not humanly possible to complete all the work in that time. Then the deadline got extended for a couple more days.

So I'm still focusing on that and not NaNoWriMo this month - and not Mage Music, either. I know this will shock you, but as important as Mage Music is in my life, it's a labor of love that doesn't pay the bills.

♪  Outrider (Jimmy Page, 1988) YouTube

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