Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rumors and damn lies

I thought that Diply (or Dipsh*t) guy or whoever he is took the name-dropping pretty far. You know, the selfie with the enigmatic comment (what was it? "Collab soon"?) It was not explicitly stated who Diplo might be working with in the future but there was Robert Plant right there with him in the photo giving weight to the implication. It wasn't quite false advertising. But the intent to deceive was there even if disguised as "self-promo".  Clever but... ish.

Now Field Day 2015 is doing the same thing with Jimmy Page. "Earlier this year, festival organisers decided to ask Run the Jewels to join forces with guitar great Jimmy Page this June. Shortly after spotting the three together backstage at the NME Awards, they deemed one photo enough reason to stir a potential collaboration."

Run the Jewels?  No.  Just... no.

So of course it'll be all over social media that Jimmy Page will be there, and the attendance will be boosted tremendously, as will Run the Jewel's popularity -- just for stating something they wish would be true.

Geez, I sure don't want to have to wade through even more of this stuff, on top of all the rest of the innuendo and rumor out there. Because, you know, intent. The law takes it seriously  It's the difference between, for instance, accident and murder. 

Real fans take the difference between Jimmy Page and not Jimmy Page pretty seriously, too.  I hope the organizers of the festival understand how seriously we take it.


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    1. Thanks Jad! Who knows, maybe Jimmy Page might consider doing something like that. But really - wouldn't we all rather that he did his own music instead of messing around with people who just want to boost themselves up on Jimmy Page's reputation?