Saturday, April 18, 2015

On This Day 18 April

On April 18 1993 Jimmy Page and David Coverdale were interviewed on Enëmmän tätä, Fin-TV, as part of the press junket for EMI promoting the Coverdale Page album.

1993 18 April - Coverdale-Page interviewed on Finnish TV

I have to say, the 1993 Coverdale-Page is a fantastic album, totally underrated by those who can't get over that Jimmy Page could do something musically exciting without Robert Plant (no offense to Mr. Plant). David Coverdale brings the kind of gutsy, ballsy full commitment to the music of a song, not just to lyrics, that brings out the best in Jimmy Page and this album reflects it.

I love every song on this album. This the work of musicians who've got some miles behind them, and hard living has tempered their souls. You can hear it in the music. This is what blues is about. Coverdale-Page has an authenticity that can't be denied.

Yeah, yeah, I know that Mr. Coverdale might have let being on the stage with Jimmy Page get to his head, but forget that and listen to the music. The magic is there, people.

Soundtrack Absolution Blues  (one of my favorites on a whole album of favorites)

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