Sunday, April 19, 2015

On This Day 19 April

On April 19, 1972 the incredible Led Zeppelin II was recorded at Olympic Studios.

Needless to say, this was and is an album beyond belief, after Led Zeppelin's first album, itself beyond belief. For a band to have put out two albums of such high quality, with such a variety of approaches to music, one right after the other, was an obvious indicator that this was no ordinary group of musicians but a creative force the likes of which the world had never seen before.
On this day also for Jimmy Page:
  • 1967 - Jimmy Page - A Degree of Murder Soundtrack released 
  • 1968 - Jimmy Page - The Yardbirds - Westmont,IL/Blue Village Teen Club
  • 1977 - Led Zeppelin - Cincinnati,OH/Riverfront Coliseum
  • 1985 - Jimmy Page - The Firm - Louisville,KY/Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center,Freedom Hall

The soundtrack for A Degree of Murder was composed, produced, arranged, and played by Brian Jones, and features Jimmy Page on guitar.

Jimmy Page in Rolling Stone issue #1171:  "Brian knew what he was doing. It was quite beautiful. Some of it was made up at the time; some of it was stuff I was augmenting with him. I was definitely playing with the violin bow. Brian had this guitar that had a volume pedal-he could get gunshots with it. There was a Mellotron there. He was moving forward with ideas."

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