Friday, October 9, 2015

On This Day 9 October

He really is a musical genius, you know.
1999 09 October On This Day Jimmy Page at NetAid
  • 1966 The Yardbirds-Southampton, England at Southampton Gaumont Theatre
  • 1972 Led Zeppelin - Osaka, Japan at Osaka Festival Hall
  • 1995 Page & Plant Unledded Tour - Boise, ID at BSU Pavilion
  • 1999 Jimmy Page - East Rutherford, NJ at Giants Stadium - Net Aid

NetAid is an anti-poverty nonprofit organization to raise awareness of and money for anti-poverty projects. It was created in 1999 as a joint venture between the United Nations Development Programme and Cisco Systems and is now a part of Mercy Corps.

NetAid was launched with concerts that took place at Wembley Stadium in London, Giants Stadium in New Jersey and the Palais des Nations in Geneva.  The concerts were broadcast live on MTV, VH-1, the BBC and other broadcasters to 60 countries, as well as radio broadcasts that would reach 120 countries, making the concerts the widest heard live musical performances in history. The shows were meant to promote NetAid's website, where donations could be accepted. The website got 2.4 million hits, and the $830,000 for NetAid was the largest amount raised online to date.

Jimmy Page soloed, with Michael Lee, Chris and Rich Robinson (from The Black Crowes), and Guy Pratt as his backup band. He also joined Puff Daddy for the song Come With Me.

The Giants Stadium NetAid show generally got poor reviews - except for Jimmy Page.
"Thank God, then, for Jimmy Page. After reuniting Led Zeppelin to mixed results at Live Aid, Page made up for it here as he ripped into an instrumental of Dazed and Confused that showed no signs of age. Page evoked the golden age of the Guitar Hero and stadium rock -- complete with the scent of many a burning joint. And it only got better when Black Crowes Chris and Rich Robinson came out for a rejuvenated In My Time of Dying and brutal Whole Lotta Love.
~Marian Montgomery NetAid concert review  
Jimmy Page debuted Domino (later to become Embryo No. 2 in It Might Get Loud) at NetAid. Domino was never officially released and this was its only live performance. I wonder if we'll get to hear it on Jimmy Page's next album.
NetAid Setlist
1. Come With Me (with Puff Daddy)
2. Dazed And Confused
3. Domino
4. In My Time Of Dying (with The Black Crowes)
5. Whole Lotta Love (with The Black Crowes)
1999 Jimmy Page NetAid (David Atlas photo)

2012 Jimmy Page at Celebration Day movie premiere in NYC

2014 Jimmy Page in Tokyo for an author book signing (stamping, in this case) Ross Halfin photo 

♪  Stand By Me (Led Zeppelin Osaka 1972) YouTube
♪  Full set (Page & Plant, Boise 1995) YouTube
♪  Come With Me (Jimmy Page, Puff Daddy, NetAid 1999) YouTube
♪  Domino (Jimmy Page, Net Aid at East Rutherford 1999) Youtube

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