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On This Day 6 October

He's the only one
1976 (more likely 1972) 06 October On This Day, Jimmy Page visits Hong Kong

  • 1966 The Yardbirds - Birmingham, England at Odeon Theatre
  • 1972 Led Zeppelin visit Hong Kong (almost certainly incorrectly posted as 1976)
Although the jimmypage.com website has posted that he visited Hong Kong ini 1976, it more certainly was during the Japan '72 tour. Jimmy Page said in the Led Zeppelin 1972 section (p. 203) of his photo autobiography Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page,  "I had this suit made in one of those 24-hour tailors on a visit to to Hong Kong", so we know he was in that city in 1972.  

Click on photo to read caption in Jimmy Page's autobiography
Jimmy Page also refers on his webpage to the ocean liner, Queen Elizabeth, which had been sold to a Hong Kong businessmen who had renamed the ship the Seawise University and who had begun to convert the ship into a floating university. In 1972 the Seawise University caught fire in the Hong Kong harbor and was capsized by the water used to fight the flames. Before 1976 the vessel had been declared a shipping hazard. It had already been dismantled for scrap and the remains of the hull were underwater by 1976, so Jimmy Page wouldn't have been able to take that photo of it shown on his webpage in that year.

October 1988 Guitar World Magazine
Jimmy Page was about one third of his way through the Outrider tour, so this seems to be a good time to post this Guitar World cover with his photo with the harp-guitar.

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Mage Music: The Blog

♫  8mm Hong Kong video (Jimmy Page 1972)  YouTube
♪  The Only One (Jimmy Page, Outrider 1988) YouTube
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