Sunday, May 24, 2015

The chocolate of music

I love chocolate ice cream, always have as far back as I can remember. I love ice cream in general, but chocolate is what I prefer. If not just plain chocolate, then chocolate ice cream enhanced with chunks of chocolate. 

I do eat other ice cream. When I go someplace that offers multiple flavors, I get a three-scoop bowl: A scoop of rich chocolate, a scoop of cherry, and a scoop of mint chocolate chip. There's something about the combo that transports my taste buds.

But it's all based on chocolate. Has to be the right chocolate, too - not just any chocolate. It has to be rich, deep, almost bitter (not too sweet!) intense flavor. I don't eat wimpy chocolate ice cream. Why bother?

Personal choice
While I love my chocolate ice cream, I'm not saying I think anyone else should love chocolate ice cream like I do. Everyone's free to love the flavors they love. But me? Chocolate is where it all starts.

If I get a three scoop bowl, the other two flavors without the chocolate are merely ice cream, as superior as they might be. They just don't quite make it. If someone offered me high quality cherry or mint chocolate chip ice cream without any real chocolate ice cream, of course I'd accept and enjoy them. I do really like mint chocolate chip and lots of other flavors of ice cream, but they aren't chocolate. I'd eat them and enjoy them but in the back of my mind there'd be me going: it's not chocolate.  

Chocolate music
It's the same with me and music (and aren't you surprised?). I love almost all music, and particularly Led Zeppelin, but it's the music of Jimmy Page I love the most. The four scoops of Led Zeppelin are the best combination in the world because of Jimmy Page. Without him, they're merely ice cream, as superior as they might be. Without him I listen and enjoy all kinds of music but I'm thinking: it's not Jimmy Page.

To put it simply, I listen to Jimmy Page's music almost exclusively because Jimmy Page is the chocolate ice cream of musicians for me.

Chocolate guitar!

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