Saturday, November 9, 2013

News, Contest & Blather

I'm taking a Mage Music hiatus while I work on another writing project, just for the month of November. That would mean four weeks, including this one, of no Mage Music, and I feel kinda bad about that.

So I decided to offer you a contest.  I haven't figured out all the details, but the grand prize (and maybe only prize) will be a TBL Gift Pack - thank you Dave Lewis for working this out with me!  I am considering - only thinking about it, mind you - of a second prize, but we'll see. It's going to be a Mage Music Trivia contest - all answers will be found here on this blog.  That's all I'm going to tell you right now.

So check Mage Music occasionally during the month for contest rules - yes, there will be rules!  Meanwhile, I'll keep posting on (Mostly) Daily Mage for those of you who've got to have their Magick talk fix.


Oh yeah, I wanted to remind those of you who are of pagan, Wiccan and the like persuasion (or those who would like to be, or the curious) that we are in that time of year when the Winter God is prime. This is a time of year for withdrawal and inwardness, of darkness and meeting with the bare bones of death and rebirth. This is a time for contemplation and renewal of power.

It's not all Santa and shopping.

Seek out the commonality of all Yule celebrations, rather than dismissing the festivities as fluff, and you will find the way.

I like this version of Immigrant Song because of the long drone introduction.  It's the Universe holding its breath before the Winter God appears.  It's the pulling in of power.

Magick.  You gotta love it.

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