Monday, November 11, 2013

Contest info!

Mage Music Contest Description and Rules

  1. This is supposed to be a fun contest. Emphasis on fun, okay? Anyone who’s a quibbler, nitpicker or general grump should not bother even starting it.
  2. The prize for this contest is a TBL Gift Pack. If Dave Lewis is really sweet about it (and he is a sweet guy) he’ll autograph it. I might decide to add additional prizes, but maybe not.
  3. All decisions about who wins the prize/s are up to me. I’ll follow my own rules, but if there’s a problem in some way and I feel like it, I will change the rules. So pay attention here: This contest is just like real life - the rules you start with may not be the rules you end with. Unlike real life, though, I will let you know what the new rules are. 
  4. The rules will be also posted on a page of its own on this blog, so you don't have to hunt for them. The posted rules will always be the official rules for the whole contest, regardless of what rules existed before them.
  5. I’m going to post one or more new questions or challenges at least once a week starting November 16 until at least the end of the month. This means these questions/challenges might appear any day of the week, not just the usual Saturday posts. If there are too many potential winners at the end of the month, I may call for another round, or maybe I’ll just put finalists’ names in a hat and pick one. My rules, remember?
  6. To have a chance to win, you must answer all questions/challenges correctly and you must follow all the rules.
  7. This contest will use all pages on this site, not just the blog posts themselves. 
  8. All answers will either be found on this site or can be deduced by information provided on this site.
  9. I will provide an email address at some point for you to send your answers. Or maybe a website. I haven’t figured that out yet. But at that point, responses to all questions or challenges must be submitted, along with contact info. Incomplete submissions will just be tossed out – it’s an easy way for me to figure out who the winner will be.
  10. You must be at least 18 years of age and have been born on planet Earth to win a prize.  If you are the winner, you will have to certify to the truth of those two items.
  11. If you are Jimmy Page, you can’t win the prize. Sorry, but that would just be unfair to everyone else.
Let the Games Begin.

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