Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Playlist for Sunday 08/19/12

Whole lotta love notes
Mage Music 16: Whole Lotta Love Notes

YouTube Playlist

Individual Songs

Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin Warner promo video for Mothership (while I normally advise listening only - this promo video is worth looking at as support for the Sunday MAGE MUSIC post)
Baby Come On Home Led Zeppelin (studio) 1968  Album: Coda
You Shook Me Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions 1969
Since I've been Loving You  Led Zeppelin  (live) LA 1972 Album: How The West Was Won
In The Light Led Zeppelin (studio) 1975  Album: Physical Graffiti
I'm Gonna Crawl  Led Zeppelin (studio) 1979 Album: In Through The Out Door
Emerald Eyes  Jimmy Page (live) 1988 Outrider Tour
Whole Lotta Love A few seconds from It Might Get Loud 2008


  1. You are bad bad girl, good thing I love you:)

    1. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! These songs should have warnings posted on them. I am supposed to go to work too. How am I when my legs turned into jelly and my left eye is twitching and I feel like I am glowing green:) Naw.... I didnt feel a thing:)

    2. OK I made it through even though it was touch and go there a few times when I listened to I'm Gonna Crawl and Emerald Eyes:) And on last one I realized a secret of life.... Whole Lotta Love, sometimes the simplest statements have the most profound meanings:) Thank you Lif:) I loved this play list so much:)

    3. I loved reading your comments - and oh, boy, do I know about that sensation of legs turning to jelly and all....

      Of course, getting that reaction was the point of my choosing those songs - stay tuned for Sunday's post so you'll find out why!