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Mage Music: Simply The Best

SE Redhill Sonnetta,
not drinking

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make her drink

Mage Music 13

  • A musician can offer the music but can't make you like it.
  • A Mage can offer the Magick but can't make you feel it.
  • Borgs bring change but it's not an offer:  Resistance is futile.
  • Lucifer brought Light - but that actually was an offer, not an obligation to accept.


First, for reference:  Rolling Stone Magazine published a list of what they consider to be the 100 greatest guitarists ever in November 2011, and recently came out with a special collectors print edition (October 25, 2012).  Both online and print versions provide justification for placement of each guitarist by one of the judges.  The panel of fifty some odd “top guitarists and other experts” who did the ranking named Jimi Hendrix number one, Eric Clapton number two and Jimmy Page as number three.  Ninety seven other guitarists were listed - some of whom I just couldn't figure.  A few pretty darned good ones didn’t appear at all.  <Shaking head in puzzlement>.  

Jimmy Page number THREE?  Really?

Really:  In the opinion of the people doing the judging, Jimmy Page came out number three.  Thus the aphorisms at the top of this page, because what is most important about the Rolling Stone Magazine list is that it doesn’t matter one bit.  “Best guitarist” doesn’t equal Mage Musician, and the only true judge of who might be a Mage Musician that matters for you is you.

I’m giving myself a little break this week, so am cutting it short.  Below are links to Rolling Stone’s idea of “key tracks” for Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page, followed by my own suggested alternatives for your consideration.  I'm not saying anything about who's the best guitarist, but I am suggesting that there is another way to think about music.  But don’t take my word for it – you be the judge.

Bonus: The promised more info on Beck's Bolero coming right after this - no waiting a week for the next post!

Mage Music 13 Playlist: Simply The Best

Individual tracks:

Jimi Hendrix 
Rolling Stone "key track:
 Purple Haze 1967 (studio) Album: Are You Experienced 
 Purple Haze 1967 (live)
Mage Music suggestion:
 All Along the Watchtower  1968 (studio) Album: Electric Ladyland 
1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) 1968 (studio) Album: Electric Ladyland
 Star Spangled Banner1969 (live) , Woodstock 

Eric Clapton 
Rolling Stone "key track:
 Crossroads 1967 (studio) Album: Disraeli Gears 
 Crossroads 2005   (live) Cream Reunion, Royal Albert Hall
Mage Music suggestion:
 Layla 1970 (studio) Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs   
 Cocaine 2004 (live) Crossroads Guitar Festival 

Jimmy Page
Rolling Stone "key track:
 Stairway to Heaven 1971 (studio) Album:  no name (Led Zeppelin IV) 
 Stairway to Heaven 2007 (live) O2 Reunion London

Mage Music suggestion:
 Achilles Last Stand 1976 (studio) Album:  Presence 
 Instrumental 1986 (live) Jimmy Page & Safe Sex at Heartbreak Hotel, Ibiza
 Since I've Been Loving You 1995 (live) Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Irvine California

Oh, and the following - just because I I liked the title of this song for my blog post and because this song is such an ear worm:
Tina Turner 

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