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On This Day 14 May

Who ever said it was easy being a rock god?

1991 On This Day Jimmy Page & David Coverdale,
jam with Poison, fall through stage floor
  • 1967 The Yardbirds - London England
  • 1973 Led Zeppelin - New Orleans LA at Municiple Auditorium
  • 1986 The Firm - Kansas City MO at Kemper Arena
  • 1988 Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham - New York City at Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary, Madison Square Garden 
  • 1991 Jimmy Page, David Coverdale, with Poison - Reno NV at Lawlor Events Center 
  • 2014 Interviews in NYC for Remasters releases

"Before Moby Dick Plant said: “I once heard a song called The Witch Queen of New Orleans. Well, tonight, I’m pleased to announce that John Bonham is The Drag Queen Of New Orleans!" Page laughs so much that he enters the piece late…"
~ From Dave Lewis’s Led Zeppelin: The Concert File, describing the 1973 show in New Orleans

After this show the band members attended a party at Cosimo Recording Studios (note that this event has been posted elsewhere as occurring in 1972, but in May 1972 the band was recording at Stargroves, Mick Jagger's country home, and subsequently at Olympic Studios in England).

1973 Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Ernie K-Doe, after-show party at Cosimo Recording Studios, New Orleans 
1988 Jimmy Page, Jason Bonham & Robert Plant, Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary, NYC at Madison Square Garden [not in photo: John Paul Jones]

1988 Jimmy Page& Robert Plant, Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary, NYC at Madison Square Garden
Jimmy Page and David Coverdale jammed with Poison during the American band's encore at their show in Reno.  Despite Jimmy Page's falling into the stage pit, he rallied to join in with Rock And Roll, The Rover and Stairway To Heaven.

On This Day text:
During the early part of May 1991, I had been writing with David Coverdale at his house in Nevada, in preparation for a joint project album. On May 14th, another act with his management, Poison, were playing at Reno. We took the evening off to go and see them. I wasn’t that keen, but was encouraged to come up and play someone else’s guitar on a version of 'Rock and Roll' with David on vocals. We were introduced stage centre and as the number began I started moving and playing to stage left out of the spotlight. I found myself falling through a pryo pit that was cut into the stage and nobody had warned me about it. I emerged with a few cracked ribs and a broken guitar but I still managed to carry on until the end of the song! Apart from a few twinges, this didn’t affect the ongoing writing process with David.

2014 Jimmy Page interview in New York City. Craig Robertson/Toronto Sun/QMI Agency

2014 14 May “I knew what I was doing, and I didn’t want anybody getting in the way of it.” ~ Jimmy Page
Credit: Damon Winter/The New York Times 

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