Tuesday, April 5, 2016

On This Day 05 April

Remembering Peter Grant, who would have made mincemeat of Peter M.
1999 05 April On This Day Jimmy Page recorded at Depot Studios, London
AUDIO (Soundcloud)

  • 1935 Peter Grant born
  • 1968 The Yardbirds-Flushing Meadows,Queens,NY  at Queens College,Golden Center
  • 1969 Led Zeppelin - Dagenham,London,England  at Village Blues Club,Dagenham Roadhouse
  • 1970 Led Zeppelin - Baltimore,MD  at Baltimore Civic Center

1970 Jimmy Page / Led Zeppelin, Baltimore MD
1980 Peter Grant (1935-1995) and Jimmy Page in a pub in the UK 

2013 Jimmy Page in NYC (Ross Halfin photo)

♪ Bring It On Home (Led Zeppelin, Baltimore 1970) YouTube
♪ Mage Music 1 playlist at YouTube
♪ Mage Music 2 playlist at YouTube
♪ Page & Plant playlist at YouTube

NOTICE: April 11 will be the last daily On This Day post
as that will be a full year's worth.  I won't post any more
unless Jimmy Page's website offers some new ones.

Stay tuned for new posts here on the Mage Music blog
about the music and Magick of 
and previews of new Mage Music projects!

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