Thursday, March 17, 2016

On This Day 17 March

Fascinating... but I'll take the original, thank you very much.
1988 17 March On This Day Jimmy Page with Puff Daddy, New York
AUDIO Come With Me 
  • 1969 Led Zeppelin - Gladsaxe, Denmark at Danmarks Radio
  • 1973 Led Zeppelin - Munich, Germany at Munich Olympiahalle
  • 1975 Led Zeppelin - Seattle, WA at Seattle Center Coliseum
  • 1986 Jimmy Page The Firm - Daytona Beach, FL at Ocean Center
  • 1995 Page & Plant Unledded Tour - Little Rock, AR at Barton Coliseum

Led Zeppelin was filmed for Danish TV in black & white in front of a polite audience of fans and friends, and aired a few months later in May.
1969 Led Zeppelin, Gladsaxe at Danmarks Radio

1973 Led Zeppelin, Munich

1986 Jimmy Page / The Firm (Daytona Beach?)
Jimmy Page recorded his guitar track for Come With Me on 17 February at CTS Studios in London. On this day in March he and Robert were in New York to promote the upcoming release of Walking Into Clarksdale and their US tour.

♪  Full set (Led  Zeppelin, Gladsaxe Danish TV 1969) YouTube
♪  Dazed and Confused (Led Zeppelin, Munich 1973) YouTube
♪  Sick Again (Led Zeppelin, Seattle 17 March 1975) YouTube
♪ Come With Me (official video) YouTube
♪ Kashmir (Led Zeppelin, Physical Graffiti) YouTube

♪ Mage Music 1 playlist at YouTube
♪ Mage Music 2 playlist at YouTube
♪ Page & Plant playlist at YouTube

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