Saturday, September 26, 2015

On This Day 26 September

Rock and roll, baby
2006 26 September On This Day Jerry Lee Lewis' album, Last Man Standing feat. Jimmy Page
♪ Cold, Cold Heart  Soundcloud

  • 1998 Page & Plant North American Fall Tour, San Antonio, TX at Alamo Dome 

Jerry Lee Lewis' 2006 album, Last Man Standing is subtitled The Duets. While each track on the album does, in fact, feature a list of impressive musicians, the album is all Jerry Lee Lewis. The opening song is Led Zeppelin's Rock and Roll, but don't expect it to sound anything like what you're used to or to be hearing Jimmy Page's guitar work as more than support to Lewis' piano. Having heard this version of the song once I don't need to hear it again. One of the very best versions that I listen to all the time is Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones with Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins at Wembley in 2008 (see playlist below).

The album's title refers to the 1950s musicians that helped create rock and roll - Jerry Lee Lewis is the only one still alive. In fact, Lewis is still touring.  His next show is Saturday 03 October 2015 in Beaumont, TX.

2007 Led Zeppelin at Ahmet Ertegun Tribute, Rock and Roll (second encore)

2008 Jimmy Page at Foo Fighters' concert at Wembley

♪  Rock and Roll (Jerry Lee Lewis feat. Jimmy Page, 2006) YouTube
♪   Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin IV, alternate mix 2014 remaster) YouTube
♪   Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin, Detroit 1973) YouTube
♪  Full set - Rock & Roll last song (Page & Plant, San Antonio 1998) YouTube
♪  Rock and Roll (Page/Plant/Jones and Jason Bonham, O2 2007) YouTube
♪  Rock and Roll (Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Wembley 2008) YouTube


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