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On This Day 24 July

I knew what sound I was looking for.
~ Jimmy Page, as quoted in Dave Lewis' Led Zeppelin: The Concert File
1967 24 July The Yardbirds' Little Games album released
♪  No Excess Baggage Demo (Yardbirds 1967) Soundcloud
  • 1967 The Yardbirds - Little Games album released
  • 1969 Led Zeppelin receives first Gold Record Award
  • 1973 Led Zeppelin - Pittsburgh,PA at Three Rivers Stadium
  • 1977 Led Zeppelin - Oakland,CA at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (day 2)
  • 1979 Led Zeppelin - Copenhagen Denmark at Falkoner Theatre 

1969 Led Zeppelin receives first Gold Record Award
As Jimmy Page has said in interviews, Led Zeppelin, the original album is in a way his favorite because it is the one that started it all. Although it took just 36 hours' studio time (over the course of a few weeks) it was nevertheless a long time coming. Jimmy Page knew the sound he wanted, he knew where he wanted to go with the music, and he simply made it happen when the time was ripe.
"I wanted artistic control in a vice grip, because I knew exactly what I wanted to do with these fellows. In fact, I financed and completely recorded the first album before going to Atlantic... It wasn't your typical story where you get an advance to make an album—we arrived at Atlantic with tapes in hand... Atlantic's reaction was very positive – I mean they signed us, didn't they?"
~ Jimmy Page, Guitar World interview 1993
The belly dancer. You've seen the photos!

This was the last concert before the sudden death of Robert Plant's son, Karac. Led Zeppelin would never again perform in the United States.
1977 Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin Oakland California

1977 Oakland Coliseum during Led Zeppelin concert

2014 On This Day for 24 July

♪  White Summer (JimmyPage/Yardbirds 1967) YouTube
♪  Live in Pittsburgh 8MM footage (Led Zeppelin, Pittsburgh 1973) YouTube
♪  White Summer (Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions 1969) YouTube

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