Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's Your Magick Too

"A rock concert is in fact a rite involving the evocation and transmutation of energy."
~ William Burroughs, Crawdaddy Magazine, June 1975. Rock Magic: Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin, And a search for the elusive Stairway to Heaven 

Mage Music 43: Your Magick  jimmypagemusic.blogspot.comMage Music 43

This week's Mage Music came about because of a birthday playlist request.  You may have noticed I stopped doing playlists in these posts.  I realized how much time choosing the right music takes and, as important as this blog is to me, I nevertheless decided I needed to use that time for other things.  That makes this playlist a little more special.

I wanted to pick songs that have Magick for me personally (even though the list is meant for someone else), not just songs that are well performed.  The songs are not necessarily beautiful, the playlist doesn't even flow well from one song to the next.  I picked the songs because it seems to me in each one Jimmy Page was pushing, exploring, reaching for something deeper and more meaningful than ordinary music conveys.  I chose these particular songs, too, because the more closely I listen, the more they prompt me to join in that reaching.

This made me think about Mr. Burroughs' comment about what a rock concert is about, and what music brings to us, the audience - or, more specifically, about the Magick from the audience point of view whether or not the audience is at a live concert.

But I'm not going to talk about any of that this week.

You'll have to forgive me - or be PO'd if you prefer - for my not going further with these ideas right now.  I'm taking a little time off for other work.   Perhaps some of you have thoughts on this - I welcome them.  Right now, though, I'm leaving you with the birthday playlist and getting back to my other work.  Enjoy!


Note:  I recommend not looking at the visuals, and not paying attention to lyrics.  These songs are about the vision of Jimmy Page as expressed through the music produced by his own guitar.

White Summer Black Mountain Side  1969 (live)  Led Zeppelin June 27, 1969 London's Playhouse Theatre First released on LZ 4-disc boxed set 11/08/90
Lucifer Rising Outtake 2 1972 (studio) Jimmy Page, Album: Lucifer Rising
Guitar Solo 1977 (live)  Led Zeppelin  May 30, 1977 Landover MD (from bootleg Double Shot - sorry, the end of the song is cut off for some reason)
Cadillac 1986 (studio)  The Firm, Album: Mean Business
Emerald Eyes 1988 (studio)  Jimmy Page, Album:  Outrider
Saccharin 1993 (studio)  Jimmy Page, David Coverdale.  Unreleased.
Domino 1999 (live)  Jimmy Page, NetAid Benefit Concert.  Unreleased.
Nobody's Fault But Mine 2007 (live)  Led Zeppelin + Jason Bonham, Celebration Day O2 Concert
Ramble On 2008 (live) Foo Fighters, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones.  Wembley Stadium.
Summer's Day 2011 Happy birthday, Sue Clement.  Hope your day is special.


  1. You have given us an assignment to research these song versions! Delegation...very clever.
    Thanks for putting your precious energy into providing this week's blog for us- your efforts are really appreciated, and once again, I have been enlightened to appreciate the musician magick of JP, from a viewpoint that is a fresh insight. Best wishes for your week Lif and
    Happy Birthday Sue Clement.
    Kimberley Christie

  2. Excellent job. Get ready for the next news. I don't know if you catched the rumours on the web. Zeppelin are publishing a new album, with the complete discography which includes a lot of outtakes and unpublished songs, never gone out from Headley Grange. It promises that will be an epic event. Let's wait, and keep sharing Mage Music!

    1. Thanks - I have been seeing the rumors and have been awaiting notice of availability. I look forward to seeing what new stuff might come to light!