Saturday, September 8, 2012

MAGE MUSIC 19: Magickal Mystery Tour

“An embarrassment of riches...”
~  Dave Lewis From a Whisper to a Scream: Complete Guide to the Music of Led Zeppelin, p. 68

Mage Music 19

This post is I guess a placeholder to give me a bit of time off from doing any serious thinking (or writing) about Mage Music.  The reason for the songs I chose for this week's playlist?  Each of them shares these things in common:  1) The Magick in these songs gives me a shiver in me timbers when I hear them; 2) because they're all different, you know that the vocalists and other musicians aren't where the Magick is coming from; 3) they show how, even over the span of 40 years, Jimmy Page's gift never wavered; and 4) the tone quality that Jimmy Page puts in each and every song is beyond outrageous!


Future posts:
  • What is Magick and what is it doing in my music? 
  • The YOU in Mage Music 
  • Guest posts coming up, too!

YouTube Playlist - The Rover and more

Individual songs

1970 Jimmy Page & John Williams, Baby Who's Driving Your Car (studio) Page's home tape recorder Sept. 02 1970 - (from

1975 Led Zeppelin,  The Rover (studio) Album: Physical Graffiti

1988 Jimmy Page & Chris Farlow,  Prison Blues (studio) Album: Outrider

1988 Jimmy Page,  Liquid Mercury (studio) Album: Outrider [Recommended listening but not on YouTube- buy Liquid Mercury MP3 at

1993 Page & Coverdale, Absolution Blues (studio) Album: Coverdale/Page

2008 Page, Jones & Foo Fighters, Ramble On (live) Wembley Stadium, June 2008


  1. Pretty intense playlist there Lady:) I have been meaning to tell you that you always have exceptional taste in art work too:) Love the way you put those elements together:)
    I really like the "Outrider" album. I am going to have to find that one. And I thought Cloverdale/Page was excellent together too. But then again what is common element running through each of these different bands. JImmy Page:) He is the one that takes them higher and makes them shine brighter:) I always said kiddingly, that JImmy could play with Kermit the Frog and Kermit will be instant over night Rock Frog:) Then we come to "Ramble on". It is one of the stars JImmy pulls down from the sky for us to enjoy. Funny when you give me a specific playlist and I truly listen they tell me a story. JImmy had been on a magnificent life journey this whole time:) And I hope one day he finds his Queen. For he should always be surrounded with a whole lotta love. He gives so much to us. Thank you Lif. You are very talented and a good teacher:)

  2. Thanks for the compliments - the artwork is fun to do. Outrider has really grown on me - not for the songs as a whole, but for the quality of Jimmy Page's music.

    Rock Frog... so many stray thoughts from that one: Hammer of the Frogs! How Many More Croaks! (Emerald Eyes - title doesn't need any change of words!) In Through The Outlet! Swimming Into Clarksdale!